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Equestrian Training and Muscular Assessments

Teaching a horse to work correctly is vital to keep him in peak physical condition. As a BHS Senoir Coach, Sports and Remedial Therapist, Lecturer in Anatomy and Biomechanics and a competition rider, I offer an alternative approach to training. During the first session I will make a muscular assessment of you and your horse both individually and as a combination. If necessary I can then suggest appropriate remedial type exercises to correct any imbalances. I believe that a training session should be an interactive experience where my role is to help and show you ways to achieve your goal.  By using video and digital photography where appropriate, I can illustrate how your position or how your horse's musculature can result in an imbalance and how it can be corrected.

Because I compete myself, I have an excellent understanding of the concerns of the competitive rider. Having visited the top training establishment in Sweden, I have adopted the holistic Swedish approach and mental attitude to training,

I am available for either individual or group lessons.

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