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Welcome to Equine Massage and Manipulation

You know your horse better than anyone else and often it is difficult  to pinpoint the reasons you feel something is ‘not quite right’. Maybe he just isn’t going quite as well as usual or suddenly seems stiffer on one rein than the other. Perhaps massage or a ridden muscular assessment may help.

I treat both horses and humans for soft tissue injuries, as a preventative measure and to keep the musculature of both horse and rider in tip top condition.
Soft tissue holds the underlying skeletal system in place and is of vital importance for stability and range of movement.
Horses are referred either by vets, trainers or their owners for a wide variety of problems or for general maintenance. My clients range from leisure riders and ponies through to Olympic Horses preparing for 2012.

After making a detailed assessment I devise an individualised programme incorporating a variety of techniques including hands on treatments and stretching.
Identifying rider weaknesses and imbalances and addressing muscular skeletal issues in riders is of paramount importance as these can affect your horses’ way of going. As a rider, you too will benefit from a programme of regular massage, manipulation and stretching.
In addition to practising Equine and Human Therapies, I lecture for the BHS, on a number of Equine Physiotherapy Courses and at Leading Universities. I am the founder of HORSES INSIDE OUT and travel nationally and internationally showing riders, trainers and therapists how by understanding How the Horse Moves can improve performance. I have written several books and two DVD.


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